Cody Blair
2 min readDec 5, 2020


  1. How do you organize your code? What are some suggestions you find on the web?

I try to space everything out for maximum readability, and keep my files organized in a way that they are categorized by type (ex. images, JS, raw data ect…). The internets suggestions are to separate data from the code, use relative code paths (to keep others that are working on your code from having to change their directory paths all by hand (ex. ../RawData/some_file.csv vs C:\Users\SomeOne\Projects\SomeProject\RawData\some_file.csv). I will have to play with that one to see how it works, though it looks pretty simple. Also don’t use titles like “final” in uploads, as most things are never final.

  1. Can you describe your workflow when you create a web page or web app?

Build the html, focus on the JS and build the CSS as needed, until everything else is finished, then do all the CSS finally.

  1. You can’t work out how to solve a coding problem, where do you find the answer? Why? How do you know?

Google obviously. Though more specifically if it’s available in MDN, ill check out the documentation there, then I will check out stack overflow, and if nothing in either of those will help, I will briefly search through articles available on google, or depending on the issue, I will look at youtube, which is usually very helpful, though pretty time consuming.

  1. What problems have you solved that didn’t involve you coding?

Time management, setting up an environment to help focus, finding music that isn’t too distracting (though that can be grouped with things that help focus). I have also found a way to set up my windows/ resources that are comfortable.

  1. Talk about your preferred development environment. (What IDE or text editor you enjoy, and why?)

VS code is pretty much all that I use. I don’t like codepen at all, and haven’t really played with that much. VS code doesn’t cause me any problems, it has a lot of nice built in tools, and is just the best all over in my opinion. The only downside is having to set up all the files, but that really takes 30 seconds or less, which is about how long it would take to set anything else up, so for the functionality that you get with it, it’s worth the price. Maybe I’ll find something nicer later on down the line that isn’t free, but for now VScode does everything I need.

  1. How are you keeping up with the latest developments in web development?

Brandon posts a lot on rocket chat. I admittedly could look at that more. Beyond that I get a lot of articles linked to my phone that talk about the industry, some of the new tech and other stuff. I also don’t look at that stuff too too much, but I think once I am out of school and learning becomes something that I will only be doing on my own time, I will spend more time in these places.